Thursday, March 13, 2014

Savings on Firefox, Safari, and Beyond

One of the most popular requests we've gotten has been for Zinc Save support on other browsers outside of just Google Chrome.

We're excited to announce that you can now save on any browser with our bookmarklet. Using it is super simple:
  1. Make sure your bookmarks bar is visible (Instructions for Firefox and Safari)
  2. Drag this bookmarklet link into the bookmarks bar: Zinc Save
  3. Next time you are on the last page of checkout for one of our supported retailers, just click the "Zinc Save" link in your bookmarks bar to see your savings and check out with Zinc!


  1. Tried this today with a small purchase.

    Did not work, screen went slightly dark like it does when loading a new page/JS element and then eventually nothing happened.

    Just a heads up

  2. Hey Jesse, we got the last of the bugs ironed out -- it should be working great now.

  3. i am running firefox ESR 24.4.0 and the zin button did not show up

  4. Hi Venky,

    Were you on the very last page of checkout on Amazon? Usually, people expect to see the button elsewhere, but we are particularly non-intrusive, so you won't see it until the very last page :)

  5. Hi, I am at last page of Amazon ready to check out (using Firefox) and the button did not show up. Only thing left to do is "place order".


  6. Yeah, it didn't show up for me as well. I have already used the Chrome extension as well.
    Maybe this particular product I'm buying isn't eligible for the discounts. Maybe show up an image or message saying the product is not eligible?

  7. Hello need to sgn up what the fuck thets no option on the damn page

  8. I can't get the link to work. I was on the final page ready to order something on amazon and then clicked the link and nothing happened. I tried the link on earlier pages and it said I had to be on the final page so I think the link is working to an extent. Also I am using firefox.

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